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strengths of situation Ethics

Practical + flexible~ flexibility in most democracies + relationshipsso why not an ethical theory

Accounts for complexities of human life

Alternative Christian Ethic consistent with Gospel- more tonnes heal on sabbath

corrective for taking natural law too literal

choose lesser of 2 evils unlike legalistic approaches

can lay aside roles in the outcome provide more loving outcome

theory responds to the character and needs of the time

E. Live by spirit not letter of love - those fight for homosexuality to be ordained

keep welfare of individual central to the situation

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weaknesses of SE

Not applicable ~ lead to burred lines -accept antinausea OK in certain .circumstances

Christian love ~ responsible love - take in all accounts without bias


limited to individuals perceptions

serological - may end up justifying unloving action on the basis of loving results that may never immerge

teleological justify anything - end justify s the means

e.g genocide wrong under any accompanies

IMPORTANT._ by suggesting certain moral laws are dependant on situations - making them mere suggestions for life

not consider most loving action for ALL only the individual

True ethics consider best overall result

Idealistic~ Barclay too much trust in judgement of ppl ~ need structure

situation - response very different if family VS stranger

selfishness disguised as love

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utilitarianism appeals to common sense appeals to



sensible to take into account casual laws

Hedonic calculus _ applicable to all real life situations

J. S Mills - rule utilitarianism

e. no one should lie

Easy apply + understood


leaves no grey area

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Qualitative ~ tyranny of majority


Benefits mainly the majority and their needs

most pleasure fer largest number

collective society


discrimination against minority

e.g 10ppl want to torture one - give more pleasure to majority

NHS cater to majority illnesses

minority ones not bc drugs too expensive

not beneficial enough to majority for price

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Democratic utilitarianism


balanced democratic morality

promotes general pleasure + happiness


each^persons welfare cavally as important

egalitarian society


what about those unable to vote

based on qualitative pleasure ~ justice for minority

deem-support individuals persuits at the expensed the majority

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utilitarianism i s a consequentialist theory



no grey areas

prioritised majority


cant + often inaccurate predictions of future 

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secular Utilitarianism


-applicable to all regardless of faith

  • universal theory
  • not reliant of people having specific beliefs


  • less guiding foundations
  • excardinations people detered from participating
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counter initiative utilitarianism



difficult to ignore plight of loved one 

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Relativist utilitarianism


  • flexible
  • takes into account induvial situations


  • complicated
  • no Instrinsic rights or wrongs
  • too flexible needs absolutes
  • humans need legality + absolutes
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subjective voluntarism


  • addresses the minority


  • not qUantative based
  • pleasure matter of opinion
  • which pleasure better matter of opinion (higher mills)
  • one could gain pleasure at the expense of others (killing) 
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