Other Modern Virtue Ethicists

  • Elizabeth Anscombe:
  • Rejected Kantian and utilitarian theories saying they demanded obligation something which isnt so much in demand in modern day. 
  • Called for a move from philosophy to psychology - It's about who we are not what we do. 
  • Philippa Foot:
  • Saw flaws in Aristotle's theory. too hedonistic
  • Also criticised how he said the man who is virtuous without effort should be praised most highly. She believed it was the man who overcame temptations and struggles to be virtuous should be most praised
  • The ideal moral agent should act from distinct desire not because they ought to do something (disagrees with kant's theory)
  • Looked at motivation as to why a person should be virtuous
  • Important to have the disposition of a virtue.
  • A.F. Holmes:
  • argues for a Christian Virtue ethics. For him, the Bible places greater importance on the virtuous charcter than it does on rules and conduct. 
  • Jesus is the ideal model of human virtue
  • Holmes recognised the difficulties of cultural relativism on…


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