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John Zizoulas

"Roots in the future and branches in the present"

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Rev. 22

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end"

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Karl Barth

"Lulled us to sleep by adding at the conclusion of Church Dogmatics a short and perfectly harmless chapter entitled 'Eschatolgy'"

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It affects all aspects of theology

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Vatican II

Eschatology central to "the pilgrim church on earth"

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Eventually everyone gets saved. even everyone in hell

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Athenagoras of Athens

"The soul is incomplete without the body"

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Isaac of Syria

"Grief aflicting the heart for sinning against love"

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Cyprian of Carthage

"We regard paradise as our native land"

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N.T. Wright

Its main goal was not about "going to heaven when you die" but about being "bodily raised into the transfigured, glorious likeness of Jesus Christ"

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Philip Hughes, immortality

"That potential which was forfeited through sin, has been restored and actualized through Christ"

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Catherine of Genoa

"Souls in purgatory are without the guilt of sin, there is no obstacle between them and God excpet pain"

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"God dissolved humanity once more into its original materials, so that it could be remodled in such a way that all its defects could be eliminated and disappear"

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