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Paganism and society interact at micro, institutional and the macro level in culture because it attracts both men and women ‘Which emphasise a transcendent source of significance and authority to which individuals must conform’. 

Gerald Gardner is a leading figure in terms of paganism in culture. Wicca was founded in ‘1939 by middle aged nudist called Gerald Gardner, Dorset. He became Britain’s first modern celebrity witch’ 

To the public, Wicca is often seen as mysterious, secretive maybe even dangerous. Paganism is often considered individualistic which means it can be seen on the micro level.


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Gender comes under the sociological approach and Wicca came about at the time of social revolution in the 60’s. Wicca’s emphasis on gender equality and gender worship made a perfect fit for the historical movement and interacts at the micro level again due to being individualistic with nature and gender. 

Magicians in culture- Alistair Crowley the great beast- specialised in black magic - ‘secretive underground subculture- Gerald Gardner wanted to take Wicca to the masses’ which demonstrates how Gerald Gardner’s influence took Wicca to the macro level also.


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A report on Helen Duncan demonstrates how paganism can be found at the macro level in society and culture. Duncan was prosecuted for occult activities which attracted authorities in 1944. ‘The last person to be convicted in Britain under the 1736 Witchcraft Act was Helen Duncan in 1944 because of fears that she might clairvoyantly betray details of the D-Day landings to the Germans’. 


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‘The rhetoric of cultural appropriation is rooted in a model of culture as commodity which has developed in the west as culture has increasingly become commodified; it is logical for indigenous peoples, whose culture have suffered devastation at the hands of the majority’ (Pizza & Lewis, 2009, 238)

Seen how Paganism interacts with humans on a micro, institutional and macro level. 

We have also looked at the way Paganism is portrayed in the media and how it fits in to our culture in terms of TV shows and festivals.

In conclusion Paganism is shown throughout the sociological approach on the micro, institutional and macro level.

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