How do Triratna Buddhism practice meditation

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How does Triratna practice meditation?

  • The quote 'meditation is the heartbeat to Buddhism' by Conze which signifies that according to Conze meditation is needed and is crucial to Buddhism 

  • The Garavachitta at the Manchester Buddhist centre explained that it is a ‘Fairly important concept of Triratna Buddhism, but extremely important for those who are ordained and they must do at least 40 mins a day. So for someone who has been ordained it is part of daily life.

  • Also, when they are ordained they are given a figure to meditate on, usually on a Buddha or Bodhisattva.

  • 2 traditional Buddhist meditations they use: mind­ful­ness of breath­ing and loving-kindness med­it­a­tion- the Metta Bhavana which is from the Pali language- described as the calming approaches- which we will go into more detail of in the next slide. 

  • West, A. M. was ordained as "Vidyamala" and explains that he "used meditation to cultivate a kind of parallel universe that was pain-free" (2016, 173) 
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Meditation session

Mindfulness of breathing is usually what is practiced to cultivate integration, it implies bringing mental energies together

Positive emotions is more orientated towards others

Spiritual death is the dying of our delusions and illusions

Spiritual rebirth is when you question ‘what comes into being?’ so the meditator is reborn, not literally but changing the personality. 

And then ‘just sitting’ is simply allowing whatever happens to go forth, in a state of awareness 

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