Cosmological argument

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Intro to cosmological argument

Comes from the Greek word cosmos meaning world/universe 

It is inductive (premises true within the statement) and a posteriori theory that tries to prove God's existence of creating the cosmos. 

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Aquinas' 5 ways

1st way- all things are in motion and nothing can move itself. There must be a mover that causes this motion= the unmoved mover is God 

2nd way- Nothing causes itself, there needs to be a first cause of the universe= the uncaused causer is God 

3rd way- the universe is contingent (existing only) only a necessary being has the power to bring it into existence. All things are contingent and do not need to be. God is a necessary being. 

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Kalam argument in Islam

Whatever comes into being must have a cause. The universe comes into being. The universe must have a cause. Personal intelligent agency to choose that universe must exist- this personal intelligent agency must be God.  

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Ockhams Razor

The simplest explanation is usually the best 

Therefore God ultimately is the simplest explanation

Easier to believe in the simplest explanation that the universe just is. So it is just created by God. 

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