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Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes poetry


'Miss Drake Proceeds to Supper' by Plath

  • This poem conradicts the idea of a peaceful hospital as the narrator is being attacked. 'ambushed air'
  • Different to many Plath poems as the narrator is objective whereas generally Plaths poetry is subjective.
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'Spinster' by Plath

  • narrator prefers the harsh neatness of winter rather than the life and joy of spring.
  • Throughout this poem there seems to be an almost hatred of love and any emotion apart from hate or distaste.
  • There is a stong contrast of spring (loev, fertility and life) and winter (order, rigid, cruel and death).
  • Te narrator loaths love as she sees it as a loss of control... 'Pitch her five queenly wits into vulgar motley' 'treason not to be bourne'
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'Medallion' by Plath

  • Plath constrasts Hughes in the way she writes about nature: she always seems to be distant.
  • Flam imagery is used constantly 'orange' 'bronze' ' vermillion'
  • Beauty in death 'smouldering'
  • Satanic imagery 'rose colored arrow' image of satan's tongue as forked as well as his tail.
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'You're' by Plath

  • First pregnancy
  • idealistic
  • Manifestation of love between two people- literally and artistically. 'Right like a well-done sum'
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