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Gothic Literature
Matthew Hamman…read more

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Definition of `gothic'
1. Of, pertaining to, or concerned with the Goths
or their language.
2. Belonging to, or characteristic of, the Middle
Ages; medieval, `romantic', as opposed to classical.
In early use chiefly with reprobation: Belonging to
the `dark
3. Some architecture was seen as gothic in Europe
between the twelfth and sixteenth century.…read more

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What are Goths?
Many people believe that a Goth is determined by
what an individual wears, however others believe
that a Goth is determined by what the individual
loves or finds beauty in.
It is a common misconception that Goth's were
born in the 70s, because in reality they have
always existed, yet on the other hand there has
been periods where gothic behaviour has been
much more common.…read more

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What are Goths?
Like many groups, preferences and behaviour
doesn't change from individual to individual,
most Goths share a common interest in loving the
things that other find dark.
Many novels and films have been produced that
contain characters that are seen to be Goths. For
example the Adams family was a television
programme that had characters that were seen as
Goths because of their obsession with death and
dark objects.…read more

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Gothic Architecture
Gothic architecture has been around for
centuries, however it became most popular
during the medieval period, and was succeeded
by Renaissance architecture.
Gothic architecture still dominates a lot of
buildings today. For example churches, cathedrals
and abbeys.
A lot of these buildings are now owned by World
heritage sites which will maintain the building
including its gothic architecture.…read more

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Examples of Gothic
Architecture…read more

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