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Era Monarch About it:
Medieval (500 Medieval literature is a broad subject,
CE1500 CE) encompassing essentially all written
works available in Europe and beyond
during the Middle Ages (that is, the one
thousand years from the fall of the
Western Roman Empire ca. AD 500 to
the beginning of the Florentine
Renaissance in the late 15th century).
Elizabethan Elizabeth I The Elizabethan era is the epoch in
(1558­1603). English history marked by the reign of
Queen Elizabeth I.
Renaissance James I The literature of the Renaissance was
(15001660) (Jacobean) written within the general movement of
the Renaissance. It is characterized by
Charles I the adoption of a humanist philosophy,
(Cavalier the recovery of the classical literature of
poets) Antiquity and benefited from the spread
of printing in the latter part of the 15th
Cromwell century.
Jacobean James I Jacobean literature , body of works
(1603­25) written during the reign of James I of
The Caroline Age Charles I The reign of Charles I, is called the
(Cavalier) Caroline Age. This was the time the
(162549) English civil was fought between
supporters of the King known as
Cavaliers and the supporters of the
Parliament known as roundheads
Commonwealth Cromwell AKA Puritan era. The Period under
(16491660) Cromwell's Puritan dictatorship.
Restoration Charles II This period marks the British king's
(16601700) restoration to the throne after a long
period of Puritan domination in
Augustan Queen Anne Augustan literature is a style of English
(Enlightenment) literature produced during the reigns of
(17011740s) King George I Queen Anne, King George I, and George
II in the first half of the 18th century and
King George II ending in the 1740s

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Industrial King George III This was the transition to new
Revolution manufacturing processes in the period
(17601820/40) from about 1760 to sometime between
1820 and 1840. This transition included
going from hand production methods to
machines and the rise of the factory
Gothic King George III The later 18th century writers' turn to
(17641800) the past; in the context of the Romantic
period, the Gothic is a type of imitation
medievalism.…read more

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Modernism King George V Literary modernism, or modernist
19101965 literature, has its origins in the late 19th
King Edward and early 20th centuries. Modernism is
VIII characterized by a selfconscious break
with traditional styles of poetry and
King George verse. The modernist literary movement
VI was driven by a conscious desire to
overturn traditional modes of
Queen representation and express the new
Elizabeth II sensibilities of their time.…read more


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