Ending The Vietnam War

A Litle Bit About The Ending Of The Vietnam War.

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Paris Peace Talks

  • Attempts to reach negotiation about ending the war was started by Johnson whom achieved nothing.


  • When Nixon became president he re-opened secret talks in Paris, this made US government hopefull of a successful conclusion through military methods.
  • If they could not win the war, they could inflict enough damage to bring Vietnam to the negotiating table, and by 1972 this situation had been reached. And was not able to announce that the N.Vietmenese were willing to agree to a ceasefire.
  • During this ceasefire North and South would retain the areas all ready under there controll.
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Part 2: Paris Peace Talks.

  • Though this was to the advantage of the NORTH because large amounts of the SOUTH were already in there hands.
  • But in return of this the NORTH would recognise the exsistence of a government in SOUTH Vietnam.
  • NORTH seemed to accept the division of the country they wish to reunite.

...In addition, all foreighn troops and installations would be withdrawn from Indo-china.

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Part 3: Paris Peace Talks.

Why Did It Prove Very Difficult To Get Final Agreement For This Ceasefire Arrangement?

  • President Theiu Leader of the South refused to agree.
  • It was election year in 1972 and Nixon was desperate to get re-elected.
  • In Decemer 1972 North Vietnam walked out of the tallks, and Nixon ordered a resumption of the bombing.

Finally, North returned to the talks and cesefire was agreed for 28th January 1973.

- The agreement was 'Peace With Honour' In additon to this all US prisoners of war would be returned.

-The North was determined to unite the country and South Vietnam.

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The Final Offensive 1975

  • The Communist launched a Spring Offensive against the South Vietnam in March 1975, After initial losses the S.Vietnamese fled in panic.
  • One month Later Saigon was caputur by the Communists.
  • The speed of S.Vietnam collapsed to the North by suprise, but with out the US the regieme, the South was lacking gany support of it's own.
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What Were The Results Of The Vietnam War?

  • Over 2Million Vietnamese Soliders died.
  • South Vietnam became one of the Most urbanised countries in the World.
  • Food shortages became a common thing.
  • The large presences of the US troops, who wages were laurge made them relatively Rich, and had a marked impact on the South.
  • When the Americans left Vietnam its econopy collapsed.
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Part 2:What Were The Results Of The Vietnam War?

  • More bombs were dropped than the 2WW.
  • The Vietnam War was a victory for Communism and failure for US policy.
  • Vietnam was united under the Communist government of the Vietminh

However... The spread of Communism in the far east was restricted to Indochina, and for the USA consequences were more significant.

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Part 3:What Were The Results Of The Vietnam War?

  • Failure to relise that Vietnams History and that each country had a desire to be in control of it's own destiny.
  • By imposing own values onto foreighn people, the USA misunderstood the situation.
  • It was a political victory that was needed to win the war, it needed to win the hearts and minds of civilians there.
  • All the USA did was prolong the war rather than win it, Whichh cost them 58,000 US Lives.
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