The Vietnam War Introduction 1945-68

History Exam 2/06/08 Vietnam War Part

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The Vietnam War 1: Escalation 1945-68

  • US fear that communism would spread was soon realised when the French decided to pull out of Indo-China, as they no longer had the resources or will to continue.
  • This provided oppertunity for Communism to extened it's influences and then the whole of Indo-Chine would fall to Communism.
  • The USA was now drawn into the developing of civil war in Vietnam.
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The End Of French Rule In Indo-China

~Indo-China had been part of the French Rule since 1887 (Which consisted of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia).

  • Japan quickly recognised this and planned to invade, However resistance to Japanese rule was lead by the Vietminh.
  • The Vietminh were an organisation of Vietnamese Nationalists led by Ho Chi Minh.
  • A series of War happened in Vietnam to try and stop the Japenese taking over, it was then when the French Commander in Indo-China, decidded to try to inflict heavy military deafeat on the Veitminh in order to force them to the negotiating table.
  • This would then allow French Rule to with draw with some honour.
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Part2:The End Of French Rule In Indo-China

  • An agreement was created the Geneva Agreement 1954, Which a ceasefire declared.

- Laos and Cambodia were to become independent states.

- Vietnam to be temporarily diveded at the 17th Parallel untill National elecctions could be held, and in within too years France would withdraw it's forces from with in the reigion

...Meanwhile the North of Vietnam was to be put under control of the Vietminh

However, The Geneva Agreement did not end the conflict, Ho Chi Minh resented having to give up the Southern Half.

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Part 3:The End Of French Rule In Indo-China

  • USA was anxious to advoid the Vietminh gaining control as the Vietminh were an orgin of Vietnamese Nationlist who were also heavy influenced by Communist ideas.
  • The Vietminh represented the communist threat under orders from Moscow.
  • But the US government had already stated that it would not upset The Geneva Agreement.
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South Vietnam

  • The Division of the Vietnam under The Geneva Agreement was supposed to be temporary arrangments, but the National elections to unite the country were never held.

...The South of the 17th Parallel became a very diffrent state. In the South French forces were replaced by the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).

  • Real power in the South now rested with Ngo Dinh Diem, who had served under the French Adminstartion in Vietnam as the basis for USA's campaign against communism in the region.
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