Edexcel English Poetry Anthology Incomplete

A few poetic features from each poem. Only Relationships.

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Single line stanza: fragmented, declarative - love is not always perfect.

Metaphor: 'a moon wrapped in brown paper' - love is not what you think it is, it is spoilt by reality of human nature.

Personification: 'it promises light'

Simile: 'careful ********** of love' - gentle, it is very fragile and needs to be handled with care.

Metaphor: 'blind you with tears' - you dont know what you are doing when in love, you can only see through certain filters, it is not always happy.

Alliteration: 'trying to be truthful' - emphasises difficult emotion, love is a complicated and difficult issue/topic.

Metaphor: 'fierce kiss will stay on your lips' - very passionate, not superficial, lasting effect.

Declarative Statement: 'lethal' - love can hurt, and make you dot hings you would never do.

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Rubbish at Adultery

Alliteration: 'whinge and whine' - emphasises what she feels like, unhappiness

Rhetorical Q: 'when have I ever asked you to?' - exasperation

Repeated use of commas: 'Couldn't you, for an hour or so, just leave them out of this?' - impatience, questioning their relationship.

Caesura: 'Yes, I'm aware...' - separation/break in their relationship.

Hyperbole: '...tortured, wounded...' - exaggerates his state and his feelings which are unknown to the reader.

Tricolon: 'passion, thrills and fun' - selfishness, outgoing, she committs adultery to achieve this.

Ambiguity: 'so what are we doing here?' - worn out/given up, feels isolated.

Colloqialism: '**** at it' - extent of her anger, she is fed up.

Repetition: 'stupid, stupid git' - anger emphasised.

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Sonnet 116

Enjambment: 'true minds Admit impediments' - love is a long lasting emotion, it keeps going

Caesura: 'impediments: love is not love' - separation/arguments in love.

Polypototon/Repetition: 'remover to remove' - love is constant, it doesnt change with time.

Metaphor: 'the star' - love is a pathway/guidance, natural light, love is a natural emotion.

Personification: 'Love's not Time's fool'

Semantic Field: 'hours and weeks' - time is the semantic field, love is infinte, it has no measurement.

Assonance/Plosives: 'If this be error and upon me proved' - sofft letters, flowy, shows the delicateness of love.

Cross Rhyming/last 2 lines rhyme: two individuals who are different but end up together.

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Our Love Now (reading across)

Anaphora: 'I said/She said' - as though telling a story, past tense could show that they do not speak to each other anymore

Lexical Field: hurt, 'wound, cured, scar', metaphors for love and what it does to you.

Enjambment: this has all happened before, it is a continous issue in their life.

Repetition: 'Such is our love, such is our love' - reluctance to let go/break the relationship.

Caesura: 'But the hair grows - before long' - separation between the two people, he is trying to say that they can work it out, and fall in love again.

Pathetic Fallacy: 'raging storm/The storm is frightening' - the separation in their relationship is like a storm which will pass and everything will be normal again, reference to weather could show that arguments such as theirs is natural in relationships.

Structure: Two monologues or and argument.

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Even Tho

Short Indpendant Stanza: 'Man I love...you devour' - dominant nature of poet, 'devour' could be a metaphor for fall in love/lust/affection

Repetition: 'even tho' - leads onto her explanation of why she won't let him 'devour'

Metaphor: 'watermelon and starapple and plum' - tropical fruits, she feels special when he touches her, each fruit has a pip/nut inside representing her stone heart, polysyndeton-emphasis on how good she feels when they are together

Extended Metaphor: continuation of fruits as a metaphor for the two individuals.

Sexual References: use of euphemism, 'You be banana/I be avacado' - references to reproductive organs.

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Assonance: 'arms around each other's waists and shoulders' - creates the effect of euphony

Metonymy: 'clamped together/mouth to mouth' - instead of writing kissing, the poet uses a more intense word 'clamped' showing their passion

End Stop: 'forgotten about. The others' - emphasises what they have forgotten, creates a suspense.

Polyptoton: 'talk, stop talking' - emphasis on their actions, a cycle/ongoing.

Caesura: 'their river. They've got' - shows there is no rush, they have a lot of time as they are still young.

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