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Content of Mametz Wood
Farmers ploughing through fields finding remains of those killed in the Battle of the Somme. Wants us to see the fragility of the remains and how injured the land is. Includes details of activities which the solidier's did
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Poet and Context of Mametz Wood
Owen sheers, liked to write about landscape and places he was interested in. Mametz wood was during Battle of Somme and one of the bloodiest battles of WW1. Welsh succeeded but bravery never acknowledged
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4 quotes for Mametz Wood
'China plate of a soldier blade' 'Wasted young' 'Broken mosaic of bone linked arm in arm' 'as if the notes they had sung have only now, slipped from their absent tongues'
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Structure for mametz wood
3 lines stanzas but length of each line changes- line 4 and 12 are longer. Stanza 1,2,3 strong 'b' sound, echoes of the sound of gunfire and battlefield destruction
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Content for Dulce et Decorum Est
translates to 'it is sweet and honourable'- wonderful and an honour to die for your country. Outlines gruesome times of WW1, well known for violent imagery and condemnation of war. Mocking what soldiers used to say
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Poet and Context of Dulce et Decorum est
Wilfred Owen, negative and aimed poetry to characterise the powerful descriptions of conditions. Soldier in WW1 so knows what it's like
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4 quotes of Dulce et Decorum Est
'men marched asleep' 'watch the white eyes writhing in his face' 'guttering, choking, drowning' 'the old lie: dulce et decorum est. Pro patria mori'
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Structure of Dulce et Decorum est
Enjambment, chaos of war and gas attack. Tone changes in line 25, speaker addresses reader directly 'my friend', allowing reader to understand
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Content of the soldier
sonnet, glorifying England during WW1. Speaks as an english solider leaving to go to war. Represents patriotic ideals that characterized pre-war England. Portrays death for one's country to be a noble end and a noble country
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Poet and Context for the soldier
Rupert Brooke, well educated. Recruited into the royal navy, sent to the Dardanelles in 1915 in France. Became ill on route and died of blood poisoning
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4 Quotes for The solider
'rich earth a richer dust concealed' 'england bore, shaped, made aware' 'blest by suns of home' 'a pulse in the eternal mind' '
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Content for the Manhunt
perspective of the wife of a soldier who sustained serious injuries at war and returned home. Physical and mental effects of living with injuries from active service in the armed forces
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Poet and Context for Manhunt
Simon Armitage. poetry demonstrates a strong concern for social issues. Uses colloquial language and autobiographical material for his poems. Worked on documentary on permanently injured soldiers and how it affected their lives.
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4 Quotes for manhunt
'explore' 'mind' 'attend' 'unexploded mine' 'climb the rungs of his broken ribs' 'foetus of metal'
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Structure for manhunt
Each couplet= new injury. 'feel the hurt of his grazed heart' is shorter couplet than others perhaps emphasizing that it is in fact the mental injuries which the poet wants to be most aware of
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Content for A wife in London
wife waiting nervously for news about her husband fighting in the Boer War in South Africa. Pessimistic tone, reflection of the remorse about her husband's death
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poet and Context for a wife in London
Thomas Hardy. Most poems are about disappointment in love and life. Critical of the Victorican society.
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3 Quotes for Wife in London
' she sits in the tawny vapour' 'a messenger's knock cracks smartly' 'he-has fallen-in the far south land' 'his hand, whom the worm now knows'
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Content for Living Space
describes run down living space- slums of mumbai. Created from corrugated iron and wooden beams. Poet celebrates the existence of these spaces as a miracle. Presented as a risk and an act of faith to live in one of the rough structures.
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Poet and Context for living space
Imtiaz Dharker. from pakistan. speaks as an outsider looking in- looking at how and where she was from. People migrate from here in hope of a better life. She was interested in health and education
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3 quotes for living space
'the eggs in a wire basket, hung over the dark edge' 'as if they were the bright, thin walls of faith' 'the whole structure leans dangerously, towards the miraculous'
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Structure for living space
2nd stanza is extremely small compared, everyone is squeezed into one space-there is no room. Enjambment throughout, lines spilling into eachother, reflects the way the slum structures lean over and on top of eachother
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Content for London
focus on condition of Lodnon during industrial revolution. Portrays the city in a negative light. Points out that the english monarchy and english laws can cause human suffering
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Poet and context for London
William Blake, 18th century, lost faith in religion because of lack of care for children, homlessness was a frequent theme in poems, poem wrote during industrial revolution- influencing him?
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4 quotes for London
'charter'd' 'black'ning church' 'youthful harlots curse' 'plagues the marriage hearse'
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Structure for London
biblical poem, guiding us through right and wrongs. consistent rhyming, 4 lines in each stanza, in stanza 3 each line contains fewer syllables than the others-weaker than the others? stanza plagued by weakness like the people are by government
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Content for Hawk Roosting
literally speaking- expression of bird of prey. Metaphorically- poem holds human attributes. bird is symbol of human's evil attributes- arrogance, egotistical, attitude, obsession for power
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Poet and context for Hawk Roosting
Ted Hughes, poet laureate, based on Nazi germany idealology, wants reader to condemn the individual tyrants of the world
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4 quotes for Hawk Roosting
'i sit on top of the wood' 'now i hold creation in my foot' 'tearing of heads' 'i am going to keep things like this'
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Structure for Hawk Roosting
6 stanzas with 4 lines each- controlled structure- reflecting controlling nature of hawk. first word and first word on the last line starts with personal pronoun- self absorbed, never ending cycle of these leaders/dictators
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Content for Ozymandias
someone travelling to a place where civilization once existed. Discusses fragmented statue in the desert. Traveller is told to look around but there is nothing but a statue
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Poet and Context for oxymandias
Percy Shelley. Radical thinker, english romatic poet, criticised others for thinking they were invincible, modern day audiences could link it to parliment
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3 quotes for ozymandias
'half sunk a sattered visage lies' 'king of kings:look upon my works, ye mighty!' 'colossal wreck' 'lone and level sands stretch far away'
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Structure for Ozymandias
sonnet emphasising that he loved himself. Egotistical ruler
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Poet and Context of Mametz Wood


Owen sheers, liked to write about landscape and places he was interested in. Mametz wood was during Battle of Somme and one of the bloodiest battles of WW1. Welsh succeeded but bravery never acknowledged

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4 quotes for Mametz Wood


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