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Caroline Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and Pre-1914 poetry AQA anthology notes

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Anthology for English Lit
CONTEXT: character from Dickens' Great Expectations, Carol Ann Duffy= man-hater?
Violent, aggressive
Negative semantic field
Failed relationship
Historical/fictional woman's view who wasn't heard
Unnatural, manmade
One word sentences
First line significant ­ first three words: paradox/ oxymoron
Sounds: `b's and `s'es
Importance of the title: manly? (called by surname)+ shows she is obsessed by remaining
Dramatic monologue ­ talking to herself, crazy?
Enjambrement, no rhyme: prose-like effect
"who did this//to me": middle of poem!
Elvis's Twin Sister
CONTEXT: Carol Ann Duffy's view on fame
Positive semantic field
Woman's view ­ nonexistent, fictional character to convey a message
light hearted exploration of:
Moral message about happiness
humorous comparison between fame and simple happy life ­ which is better? Which is the more
attractive sibling?
No first name given: loss of identity as a woman?

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Irony ­ opposite of Elvis ­ references to Elvis
Symbolism ­ e.g.:
shoes: blue suede shoes for a different purpose! (but still has them...…read more

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Biblical context (Biblical names ­ disciples - +"lamb to the slaughter"[=Jesus])
references to modern/ contemporary readers ­ timeless message? ­ relevance to modern reader
view of historical woman ­ represents more?
Not a well worked relationship (in first sense) ­ how does it compare with Havisham's?
black humour ­ death
Punctuation varied ­ reflects emotions?
"t"s, hard sounds
Enjambrement ­ conversation-like, her confessing/talking to herself?
Rhymes of "matter... lighter... laughter... flatter... pewter... peter... clatter... clutter... patter...
batter... blighter... beater... biter...…read more

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Memories of the adult child ­ declared wrong!
Adult child's viewpoint
Relationship between parents and child (ruined life? ­ "Hell")
Relevance to modern reader: parents worried that their children will accuse them for not giving
them a better childhood OR covering up child abuse?
Appearance vs.…read more

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Growing up ­ changes things
Shared memories ­ they do it together, tells mother `measurements'
Extended metaphor ­ the tape: years going past
Metaphors: anchor, kite
One word sentences
Crisp, short poem to be said in 20 minutes (Book of Matches)
Irregular rhyme scheme, structure, but some internal rhymes ­ like life?
Enjambrement ­ conversationlike, poem, but not as structured
"My father thought it...…read more

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­ comparison with father figures in other poems
Lists of colours, body parts, clothing parts
Imagery, metaphors ­ symbolism
Clichés e.g.…read more

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­ Pinoccio, realboy, old man makes him because he wants a son
First three words: "Batman, big shot": `b's aggressive, alliteration, Americanism, sarcasm
Aggressive verbs: ditched, scotched ­ alliteration
Lists (again) says thing more than one way ­ repetition
Ambiguous words ­ "scotched": through away+ suggests that he drinks a lot
Puns: changing the cliché `let the cat out of the bag' to cape, reference to Batman' cape+
reference to Catwoman
Mocks Batman's speech: "Holy...…read more

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I've made out a will; I'm leaving myself"
CONTEXT: From the Book of Matches
Humorous, comical poem tone
Organ donor ­ a will making sure
Soul is in the heart?
Message=the body is just a mechanism, the important things in life are the ones that the heart
symbolises, people care too much about the body, looks.…read more

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Short sentences at first, longer sentences during murder, back to normal after
Enjambrement throughout, no structure to his life?
One my first Sonne
CONTEXT: Ben Jonson's son died
Loving, tender poem
Father-son relationship ­ doesn't want to be father any more
Love his son too much=sin?
Death =God's punishment
religious references: people owned by God ­ Jonson borrowed his son for seven years ­ payback
He escaped getting old
Ben Jonson=rival of Shakespeare, more classical; poem contains archaic words
Contrast in…read more

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The Affliction of Margaret
CONEXT: In his own arrangement of his poems, Wordsworth includes it among "Poems
founded on the affections" ­ written to portray/describe affection
Loving to the point of obsession
Relationship between mother and son (=Deity/God? Punishment from God, taken away? OR, son is
property of mother (line15-17) )
Biblical references:
Worships son
Prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32)
7 stanza: shepherd brings back wandering sheep
`d's: hard sounds=worried
Simple language (+ all the simplicity) =simple message
A monologue where…read more


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