These cards deal with arguments for Cartesian dualism, arguments against, theories of mental causation with dualism

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The Conceivability Argument

The argument basically suggests that the mind is a non-physical substance, and is not identical to a part of the body. A person is a unity of body and mind, whereas an animal is not, lacking a mind, and an angel is not lacking a body.

The Argument:

1. I can conceive that I lack a body

2. I cannot conceive that I lack a mind

3. Ergo mind and body cannot be the same- if I lacked one then I would lack both

The Cogito

The thought I exist must be true whenever I think about it . Even if an evil demon were to fool me about everything else within the world, then i could still know that I exist, as I could doubt my own existence. Doubting requires an agent, someone to do the doubting- that's me a thinking thing in essence



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The Conceivability Argument

Another Way of putting it:

1. If X and Y can be clearly and distinctly conceived as being seperate, then X and Y are seperate.

2.The mind's essence is non-extension and thinking

3. The body's essence is extension and non-thinking

If the minds essence is thinking then I cannot imagine it not existing for me. If the body's essence is thinking then I can imagine it not existing - hence the two are seperate.

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The Divisibility Argument

The argument:

1. Bodies are divisble

2. Minds aren't

3. Mind therefore is not identical with body

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