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Philosphy: Life after death




Dualism is the view that our mind determines our our personality, and the body is the outer shell of the real self. The body is contingent and therefore detined for decay, but the mind associated with the higher realities such as truth, goodness and justice, is immortal, if a mans life is spent in contemplation of these higher realities then his souls can enter eternity after death og the physical body. This beleif that the soul can continue after death is known as the immortality of the soul.

main dualists are: Plato, Aristotle( Aquinas agreed with Aristotle) and Descartes.

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Believed that the soul is imprisoned in our bodies. He thought the soul was worth more than the body beacuse it belonged to a higher reality. This thought was derived from his theory of ideas which he called the forms.

For everything that existed plato plato excpetd that there is the perfect idea (form). For example for every dog there is the ideal dog.The soul is immaterial and is capable of knowing etenal truths beyond the world

Aim of the soul is to break free from the chains of matter and flee to the relam of ideas where it will be able to spend eternity in contemplation of the true the beuatiful and the good.The thinking body can survive without the physical body

The body would not survive death but the sould the real essence of the person would continue and for plato it is our personal identity that forms the "I"

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