Life and Death; the soul; the Views of John Hick

the Views of John Hick

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Life and Death the soul the Views of John Hick
Hick's rejection of substance dualism
Adopts a materialist possibility
When we talk about the soul, we are really describing mental characteristics/
aspects of our personality
Talk of the soul is a way of expressing the value of human beings
Hick and traducianism
We are unique due to the random arrangement of our genetic material
In this sense our being is still dependent upon God
Is there more than just the physical?
Suggests there may be some aspect of us that is nonphysical
Alleged cases if telepathy are mindbrain dualism
This means that physical & mental aspects of us could interact and affect
each other
However these aspects would be dependent on each other and this wouldn't
be anything like dualism in the traditional Platonic sense
The replica theory and life after death
Argues that God can recreate the whole person in another realm after death
Humans are psychophysical unity, the death of the body is the death of the
person, there is no separate soul to live on
This does not rule out our existence after death
It is logically possible for an allpowerful God to recreate us in another world


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