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Batik wax and dye are used. The tool in which you apply the wax onto the cloth with is  a Paint brush. After Apply the wax you put the cloth in dye. Then continue that until you have the pattern you want and Iron it making sure you have either a paper towel or some form of protection to stop the wax melting on the iron.

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tie dye

i have deleted the first answer because it wasnt what the person was asking at all and i suplied a answer with more than needed info and deeper info than needed also. Yet it is true you can buy dye from the store
you can use food coloring grape juice and cool aid to dye fabric


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silk painting


We can also put together a selection of threads, paint and/or fibres to a specified theme or colour and price - ideal for those of you with City and Guilds projects to undertake, and great as a present for an arty friend!

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from bethany

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