Textiles - Product Considerations

All the keywords you need to know for the AQA Textiles Technology exam in the Product condsiderations topic. Hope it helps - it helped me :)


Embroidery Machine

A sewing machine programmed to sew lots of decorative stitches

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Heat Press

A machine used to transfer printed designs onto fabric

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Knitting Machine

Creates textiles that are patterned or textures - knitted fabrics

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Used to measure correct sizes and fits for a garment

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Pinking Shears

Have serrated edges to prevent fraying and produce decorative edges

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Joins fabrics and finishes seams to prevent fraying

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Screen Printing

A method of applying decoration using a screen; pigment is pushed through to the fabric

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Weaving Loom

Machines that produce woven fabrics

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Any item apart from the fabric that becomes part of the final product

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A craft which uses wax on fabric as a resist to dye

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Taking apart a product

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The study of interaction between people and their environment

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Primary Research

Gathering information yourself

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Sample Size

How big a group of people taking a questionnaire is

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Secondary Research

Information collected by other people e.g. books

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Target Market

The group of people your product is aimed at

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Average or standard measurements - for a garment

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Intelligence Gathering

Finding information about the target market

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Focus group

A small group of consumers who are studied during intelligence gathering

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Shades, tones and tints of one colour e.g black, grey and white

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Tertiary Colour

Mixed from 3 primary colours

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Colours that work well together; they lie alongside each other on the colour wheel

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The original colour you see, of which all shades and tints are derived

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How light or dark the hue is; different shades and tints of a hue

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Contrasting colours; they lie opposite each other on the colour wheel

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Primary colour

Red, Yellow, Blue

Can't be mixed from other colours

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A list of criteria or requirements, e.g. design specification, product specification

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Darker than the hue, usually made by adding black to the hue

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Lighter than the Hue, usually made by adding white

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Secondary colour

Orange, Green, Purple

Mixed from two primary colours

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