Differences of Immortality

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believed by Christians and Muslims

bodily resurrection - the body is resurrected at the end of the world at the same time as everyone else

resurrection of the soul - the soul is either believed to be immortal so just continues life after the death of a body anyway or is resurrected to continue life in the spiritual world or by God giving the spirit and a new body

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believed by Hindus and Sikhs

we = body + soul

body = vehicle so can easily get another one after the death of it

soul = ourtrue essence

the soul stays the same with reincarnation although each lifetime is a learning process

how we act determines our next lifetime so if we cated badly we will suffer through many lifetimes because of this however once we reach enlightenment so become clever and pure enough to leave the cycle, we can then be with God

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believed by Buddhists 

they believe in the cycle of samsara - being born again and dying until enlightenment is reached

they believe in Karma so are very carfeul about how they act

we have an ever-changing soul because each lifetime makes us learn more and so helps out soul develop into a more pure spirit

when it is pure enough it can leave life on earth and be with God

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