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Philosophy, Ethics and
Unit 4
Evil and Suffering, Immortality,
Miracles, The Existence of God…read more

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Evil and Suffering
The Existence of God
Exam Tips
Christian Views are in BLUE
Buddhist Views are in RED…read more

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Evil and Suffering
What is Evil and Suffering?
Evil causes physical and mental suffering. E.g. bullying
causes emotion pain for the victim but some times
physical pain too.
There are two types of evil and suffering:
1. Moral evil and suffering-evil and suffering caused by
manmade activities. E.g. somebody who causes animal
2. Natural evil and suffering-evil and suffering caused by
natural disasters. E.g. a tornado which destroys a whole
town…read more

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Evil and Suffering
Where does Evil come from?
There are a few possible explanations:
From human behaviour ­ evil is a psychological
phenomenon influenced by people's upbringing, society or
a result of a damaged mind.
Dualism ­ There are two invisible forces in the world. The
good force vs. the bad force which are in constant battle
with each other. An impersonal force draws you to do
something wrong.
Christians believe that evil is a personal being or devil. The
devil is seen as someone who tricks people into doing
wrong.…read more

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Evil and Suffering
Reasons why suffering is unjust:
Suffering of innocent children-a baby is too young to have done anything
People who have lived good lives sometimes suffer terrible. What is the
point of such cruelty.
Reasons why suffering has a purpose:
Some suffering, such as pain, keeps us alive as we know something is
Suffering can make us appreciate things we take for granted.
It can make us stronger if we have to show determinism to get through
difficult times.
Christians argue that suffering is a test of some ones faith in God or it is a
punishment of a sin…read more

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Evil and Suffering
Why is Evil and Suffering a problem for believers?
Buddhists believe that life is full of suffering (The First
noble Truth)
Evil stops Buddhists from reaching Nirvana (enlightenment)
when they die
Evil which is greed, craving and desire, causes Buddhists to
build up bad karma in their lives and so are reborn and stay
in the cycle of Samsara (the cycle of life, death and rebirth
which is suffering)…read more

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