AQA Religious Studies B: Immortality

Here are my notes on the Immortality section of this exam :)

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Endless life/existence; life after death
Continuation of genes in children
Legacy - something handed down from an ancestor. (E.g. Shakespeare's works) Once legacy
destroyed, no longer remembered
Memory of others (When last remembering person dies, memory also dies)
Resurrection: Christianity, Judaism & Islam
o Spiritual/physical body resurrected
o Judged at death/Protestants believe soul stays in grave until Judgement Day
o Paradise/Heaven & Hell (Catholics also believe in Purgatory)
Problems Rebuttal
Body decays/is burnt so can't be New immortal body is given at
resurrected physically resurrection. Or soul continues, not body
No evidence of souls Medical Soul made of different substance to
equipment does not detect it. physical body & can't be seen
Without physical recognisable form, we Memories provide identity, not the
are not the same person. physical body.
Reincarnation (Hindu)
o Born again in another form
o Eternal Soul (Atman)
o Aim to achieve Moksha from samsara & be reunited with Brahman
o Immortal essence not personal qualities continue
Rebirth (Buddhists)
o born again after death
o Changing individual character (No soul)
o Reach Nirvana after enlightenment. Freedom from greed, ignorance, hatred,
suffering & individual existence.
Problems Rebuttal
People don't survive death as they become a Hindu atman continues. Buddhists believe in
new body with new memories continuity between lives.
People don't aim for immortality, but release Nirvana could be same as samsara but looking at
from cycle of life world differently
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Not all memories of past lives is accurate Memories of past lives is evidence of
Some is info wrongly interpreted as child reincarnation
Evidence of Immortality
NDE (Near Death Experience)-When close to death or in intense operation situation, have
sense of leaving body and seeing what exists beyond this life
Problems Rebuttal
Person does not die (only near) Detailed and life changing so can't be false
Hallucination due to oxygen starvation Experiences are very similar (tunnel with
light/happy feeling )
Scriptures: Sacred writings of a…read more

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Arguments for No Immortality Arguments for Immortality
Lack of proof of souls. Proof of decaying Faith is proof of life after death
body John Hick believes proof available when dead
Ghosts/channelling/NDE not proven
Is only wishful thinking of believers Is purpose to life achieving life with God
Evolution=no purpose to life no soul Buddhists & Hindus life cycle = evolution + souls
Cryonics- low temperature preservation of Only God resurrects dead. Soul leaves body on
humans so people could spend afterlife here.…read more



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