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Endless life/existence; life after death
Continuation of genes in children
Legacy - something handed down from an ancestor. (E.g. Shakespeare's works) Once legacy
destroyed, no longer remembered
Memory of others (When last remembering person dies, memory also dies)
Resurrection: Christianity, Judaism & Islam
o Spiritual/physical body resurrected
o Judged at…

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Not all memories of past lives is accurate Memories of past lives is evidence of
Some is info wrongly interpreted as child reincarnation

Evidence of Immortality
NDE (Near Death Experience)-When close to death or in intense operation situation, have
sense of leaving body and seeing what exists beyond this life…

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Arguments for No Immortality Arguments for Immortality
Lack of proof of souls. Proof of decaying Faith is proof of life after death
body John Hick believes proof available when dead
Ghosts/channelling/NDE not proven
Is only wishful thinking of believers Is purpose to life achieving life with God
Evolution=no purpose to…




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