Philosophy - Immortality

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Ideas about Immortality

  • It is sometimes believed that people's souls stay with us through the things they have left before they died. For example: pictures and art. When these legacies (singular: legacy) have gone, they are no longer remembered and their soul disappears and they die. Others believe that they stay alive through the memories of others and only die when forgotten completly.
  • Christians believe in resurrection of the spirit without the body. When you die, you can be resurrected and be bought back to life because of your surviving spirit.
  • Hindus believe in reincarnation. This is when your soul lives on and attaches itself to new life. The soul will improve itself through each life until it is perfect, then it will enter a state of 'bliss'. However, people say that you are not the same being at all as your previous life because no two people look exactly the same.
  • Buddhists do not like the idea of reincarnation because it refers to a soul, but they believe you do not have a


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