Development of a design proposal

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Shape and Style

How to develop the shape and style

  • Look at ideas
  • Go through design spec criteria, does it match?
  • Sketch the best idea and modify it
  • Needs to be fashionable and in current trends
  • Make a paper model, is it the right shape and size?
  • Think about how it will fit together and try different construction techniques
  • Make mock-ups
  • Will it sell?
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Development of colour and decoration

Colour and decoration


  • Look at mood board
  • Possibly look at a colour palette
  • Think about the seasons trends and what colours are in fashion
  • Evaluate colour choice and if they fit your theme


  • Look at ideas for the pattern and decoration
  • Look at your moodboard and try something new
  • Choose practical techniques for decorative work
  • Make samples
  • Evaluate the techniques you're using
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Fabric component and choice

How to decide on the best fabrics

  • See if they are suitable for your product e.g. stretch, washable
  • Choose components like threads, fastenings. Test them out before you buy
  • You should make a costing chart to make sure they are a good price, ask people around you 
  • Look at the environmental, moral, social and ethical issues surrounding the fabrics
  • Think about aftercare as you need to design a label
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Making skills shown in the portfolio

  • Development of paper pattern, mockups and models
  • Samples of surface decoration and construction techniques
  • Samples of showing the use of components
  • Sample of finishing-off techniques like bindings and overlocking

Shape and style

  • How demanding? Are they complex? How much prep do they require? How many special features? Will it take long to make?

Fabrics and components

  • Have a range of fabrics and components been used? Are they difficult to handle? Fray? Do they need special finishing? Do they pucker when being stitched? Do they crease and need careful handling?
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Making Pt 2

Construction techniques

  • How many different techniques are involved in the contruction? Is it a demanding process? Does it have any demanding special features?

Colouring or decorative techniques involved

  • Has background colour been made or was the fabric that colour? Are decorative parts made or bought? How many different techniques have been used? Are they time commiting or difficult? What will the quality of the end product be?
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