Eukaryotic Organelles description and function



Description- Large organelle surrounded by double membranes which contains pores

Function- Controls cell function by controlling the transcription of DNA

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Cell-Surface Membrane

Description- Membrane surrounding cell. Made mainly of phospholipids and proteins

Function- Regulates movement of substances. Responds to chemicals like hormones

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Description- Oval shaped with a double membrane

Function- Sites of aerobic respiration. Responsible for the production of ATP

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Description- Surrounded by double membrane

Function- Where photosynthesis takes place

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Golgi Apparatus

Description- Group of fluid-filled membrane-bound flattened sacs

Function- Processes and packages new lipids and proteins

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Golgi Vesicles

Description- Small fluid-filled sacs produced by the golgi apparatus

Function- Transport proteins and lipids made by golgi

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Description- Round organelle surrounded by membrane

Function- Contains digestive enzymes called lysozames. Digest invading cells or break down worn out components

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Description- Made from RNA and proteins

Function- Site where proteins are made

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Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

Description- System of membranes enclosing a fluid-filled space. Surface coated with membranes

Function- Fold and process proteins

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Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

Description- Similar to RER but without the ribosomes

Function- Synthesise and process lipids

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Cell Wall

Description- Surrounds plant, algal and fungal cells

Function- Supports cells. Prevents it from changing shape

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Cell Vacuole

Description- Found in cytoplasm, contains cell sap

Function- Maintains pressure. Keeps cell rigid

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