the 2 types of research data

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What are the 2 types of reserch data

  • Primary data
  • &
  • Secondary data
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definition of primary data

Primary data is evidence that is collected first hand by the sociologists themselves, and did not exist prior to the conduct of research.

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what is secondary data?

Secondary data is evidence that already exists from other sources prior to primary research.

It is then used by sociologists to make comparisons or to support their own primary data.

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What the advantages of secondary data?



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What examples are there of secondary data?

Official statistics

Documents {diaries; letters; novels & news etc.}

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What are the disadvantages of secondary data?

may not provide EXACT information

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What are the examples of primary data?


Social surveys

Participant observation


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What are the advantages of primary data?

Gather the exact information you need for your reserch topic

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What are the disadvanatges of primary data?


Time consuming

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