Class and Educational achievement

Material Deprivation

Barriers to learning: 

Some families can't afford school uniform or school trips. This can lead to students being bullied and isolated, this can lead to them falling behind on their school work. 

Low income reduces the chances of having a computer and internet, place to do homework or a warm home. This can lead to falling behind on school work and causing more illness, therefore missing school. 

The marketization of schools mean that poorer children who live in poorer areas will probably go to a more populated school and therefore are disadvanatged. 

Older working-class children are more likely to have part time job, where they work a lot of hours to help support the family, therefore not having as much time to do school work and may even end up missing lessons. 

Working class students are also often limited to where they can go to higher education. 

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Material Deprivation cont...

Only 32% of working class students were considering going to higher education and moving away from home. 

Working class students in higher education were seen to be working more and therefore had less time to do work or to attend lectures. 

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What the government is doing to reduce material de

They have tried to help through postivie discrimination, this comes out through comensatory education. The government puts more money into schools within poorer areas. The Conservative government put 25% more spending into poorer areas. 

Excellence in the cities, this is to help students within inner cities. 

The expansion of EMA. To try and help students have to work less also to help parents not have to worry paying for their travel and studies. 

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Cultural disadvantages

The Education system is controlled by middle-class people. 

Those who have these qualtities are more likely to succeed within this exam system. 

The 11+ plus test was critisized for being bias towards these middle class students. 

The middle class succeed not because of intelligence, but because of preferred language. 

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Cultural Capital

Schools are middle class institutions run by the middle class.

Middle class students are more likely to be rewarded by the education system. 

Middle class parents knew how to get their children into preffered school. 

The governmnet banned interviews in 2005. 

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Interactions within school

Middle class teachers are more likely to think middle class students are studying harder. 

Teachers may expect different from working class students and therefore cause them to perform lower than their capabilites. 

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The curriculum

Some socilogists argue that what children are taught in school disadvantages working class children. 

This is because it does not connect with their interests. 

Schools disapproving and oppressiv views on attendance can lead to an increase in truancy. which can therefore lead to underachievement. 

Class is considered to be the most signifcant factor within achievement within school. 

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