class differences in achievement

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  • class differences in achievement
    • cultural deprivation
      • language: -speech codes - restricted and elaborated.
        • give middle class the advantage, they feel 'at home' in school.
      • Bernstein is a cultural deprivation theorist
        • argues that working class pupils fail because the school fails to teach them elaborated code
      • the myth of cultural deprivation?
        • Keddie sees it as a victim-blaming explanation
          • argues that working class children are simply culturally different
            • they fail because they are put at a disadvantage  by an education system dominated by middle class values
    • parents education
      • study by Douglas found that working class parents placed less value on education
      • visited schools less often and were less likely to discuss their children's progress with teachers
        • as a result, their children had lower levels of motivation and achievement
      • educated parents support achievement by encouraging
      • educated parents teach their children to read, draw and paint, help with homework and are actively involved
    • working class subculture
      • according to cultural deprivation theorists, the working class have different goals, beliefs, attitudes and values from the rest of society and this is why their children fail at school
    • compensato-ry education
      • education programmes such as pupil premium, aim higher, one to one tuition, sure start and bursary funds


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