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  • Education and education achievement
    • social class and education
      • even with the same IQ's working class tend to be less likely in nursery schools and poorer readers once in school
      • working class are more likely to be in lower sets, underachieve and be disruptive
      • However, not all working class fail in education, this is just an overall pattern
    • Material Deprivation
      • Smith and Nobel
        • Having money advantages education for the middle and upper class because...
          • Working class may be unable to pay  for extra tuition
          • Can't afford educational resources like computers and book
          • Unable to pay for educational trips
          • working class are more likely to experience ill health resulting to less time in school
          • More likely to need part time jobs meaning less time to revise
          • School in lower league  tables
      • Leech and Campus
        • Selection my Mortgage. Houses near popular schools cost up to 19% more
    • Cultural Deprivation.
      • Douglas found that children from lower working class backgrounds were less likely to stay in school. This was the opposite for middle class.
      • working class parents encourage Immediate gratification
        • middle class encourage deferred gratification: means to an end higher pay higher social class.
      • Pierre Boudieu: Education system is based towards the culture of the dominant classes devaluing the working class
      • OLD BOY NETWORK: elite universities hold up to 75% of people in the highest jobs in the UK.
      • However
        • it can be known that not all working class students fail in terms of educatio
        • a lot of reseach and statistrics only highlight correlations between educational achievement of the classes
        • class differences in achievement may also reflect what actually haooens in schools such as...
          • Streaming
          • influence  of labelling
    • Differental Achievement
      • The tendency for some groups to do worse or better than others in terms of educational success
      • not always based on intelligence and there are huge class differences in educational achievement


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