Education Questions


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  • Suggest questions (6 marks)
  • Outline questions (12 marks)
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Cultural capital:
Ethnocentric curriculum:
Vocational education:
Cultural deprivation:
Immediate gratification:
Selffulfilling prophecy:
Suggest 3 reasons for gender differences in subject choice:
Suggest 3 material factors which might cause working class educational
Suggest 3 ways in which Marxists see school as being similar to the world of
Suggest 3 reasons for boys educational under achievement:
Suggest 3 educational policies which may have contributed to social class
differences in achievement:
(12 MARKS)
Outline some of policies introduced by the government to create an education
market in UK:
Outline some reasons why different pupil subcultures exist in schools:
Outline some ways in which labelling process may lead to education

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Outline some way in which cultural deprivation may lead to educational
underachievement of working class:
Outline some ways in which factors outside education system have resulted in
improved educational achievement for girls:
Outline some of the functions the education system may perform:…read more


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