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Family, Living Culture and Race

- There are many ways in home life that people can be identified by, for example, colour skin, what you eat, how you dress, and your accent.

- Different cultures eat different different foods that all smell different, the foods depend on what country they come from for example; India eat curry, and have coloured skin.

- In England we have takeaways that sell Indian curry, but it's not a traditional British food, it is traditionally from India.

- Also everyone dresses differently, but the shops in different countries so there fire everyone in the same country wear similar style dresses. For example; France - there's lots of lacy clothing and different style dresses, so when British people go over there, we don't what we like because it's not what we are used to it out shops. 

- Everyone has got an accent, even though sometimes we don't realise it. Sometimes we identify what race sombody is because of their accent.

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Personal Information

- It is very important that you keep all our personal information to yourself for example passports, bank details, cards, pin numbers .etc.

- It is important to keep this to your self because if anybody got your passport or pin number they could use it to go somewhere or they could use your bank details to get money.

- If you lent someone your pin number they could use the money to buy some expensive items. This would not be good.

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- Every country has a different language, this is because of immigration and people coming into the countries.

- It would be boring if we all had the same language, especially in airports you can hear lots of people talking different languages and this is sometimes when you can identify where they are from.

- The most common language in the UK is obviously English. However, some languages are spoken a lot to. For example, Indian, Polish, Pakistani, Irish, German, Chinese, Bangladesh, African, Nigerian and American

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Personal Identity

- Personal identity can include a lot of things about yourself. How you live and where you live, what you do for a living and how you di that.

- Some people like to live their life travelling, that is their own identity. You also have an identity card - a card carrying the holder's photograph, name, date of birth, and other personal details, serving as official proof of identity.

- You need an identity card to prove you are 18 when you would like to buy things like cigarettes and alcohol.

- Acceptable forms of ID to prove you are 18 include:

          - A photo driving license

          - A passport

          - A proof of age card, such as the PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards                      Scheme

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Population and Ethnicity

- The UK has grown a lot in the past 50 years. It has grown about 10 million people, and this growth has taken place since 2001. People have estimated that by 2037, the UK population will be around 73 million.

- The rates of ethnicity IN 2011 are as follows:

      - 80.6% - White people

      - 2.2% - Mixed/multiple ethnic groups

      - 7.5% - Asian

      - 3.3% - Black/African/Carribean/Black British

      - 1% - Other ethnic groups

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