Cicero In Catilinam I -- Vital Notes (ii)

The Latin, the English translation and some vital notes on the first section of Cicero's In Catilinam I speech, as relevent to the AS Latin Exam.

Part (ii) of the notes.

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Quid proxima, quid superiore nocte egeris, ubi fueris,

quos convocaveris, quid consilii ceperis, quem nostrum

ignorare arbitraris? [2] O tempora, o mores! Senatus

haec intellegit. Consul videt; hic tamen vivit.

Vivit? Immo vero etiam in senatum venit, fit publici

consilii particeps, notat et designat oculis ad caedem

unum quemque nostrum. Nos autem fortes viri satis facere

rei publicae videmur, si istius furorem ac tela vitemus.

Translation on the next card. However, if you feel confident, try translating without looking first.

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Do you think that we are unaware of what you did last night,

or the night before that, where you went, who you met with,

what plans you made? [2] Oh the times, oh the customs!

The senate understands these things. The consul sees; yet

he lives. He lives? No, he even comes into the senate,

he takes part in public affairs, he notes and marks with his

eyes each one of us for slaughter. But we brave men seem

to do all that is required for the republic if we avoid the

madness and weapons of that man.

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  • Names himself in the third person "the consul sees"
    • seperating himself from Catiline
    • rubbing in the fact that he won the election, and Catiline, who ran for election, did not
  • makes Catiline's every day activities seem bad (he lives! Look, he even comes into the senate!)
  • harsh language: "caedes" -- slaughter, "furor" -- madness, fury, 
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