Christian beliefs - Ethics of Divorce

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All Christians are against divorce because...

1) It breaks the marriage vows 'til death do us part' 

made to eachother, to God and the Christian community 

Marriage is a life long commitment

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Reason 2

2) Marriage is a spiritual union, where God joins a couple together, making them one. 

Jesus taught that 'no-one should seperate what God has joined together' 

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Reason 3

3) Marriage is a sacrament, a physical ceremony that brings the couple spiritually closer to God. 

Because God is part of the marriage - it cannot be undone

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Many Christians

- Divorce is undesirable BUT marriages do breakdown irreparably 

-Jesus allowed Divorce - a man could divorce his wife if she was unfaithful (vice versa)

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Roman Catholics


-only if partner dies

-Married partners fall out? Live seperately and remain chaste. 

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