Religion and Life

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Christian beliefs on life after death

Why Chrsitians believe in life after death:

  • Resurection of Jesus, proves there is life after death 
  • Jesus tells Christians that they will be brought back to life 
  • St Paul teaches about life after death and how the body will be transformed from a physical body to a spiritual one
  • Gives life meaning and purpose 
  • There is evidence of the paranormal 

How these belifes affect Christians:

  • Day of Judgement 
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Muslim beliefs on life after death

Why Muslims believe in life after death:

  • Qur'an and Muhammad state that it exists
  • One of the 'six Fundamnetal beliefs' of Islam 
  • Life is a test, reward/punishment comes in the next life

How these belifes affect Muslims: 

  • Live a good life, so they go to heaven 
  • Gives meaning and purpose to life
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Abortion laws:

  •  Allowed if: two doctors that the mothers life is at risk or there is a health risk to an already living child or the baby is severly disigured 
  • Can't take place after 24 weeks of pregnancy


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Non-religious arguments on abortion

In favour of abortion:

  • A woman has a right to chose
  • A child's quality of life is important
  • A mother's health and welfare is more important than the unborn child's 

Against abortion:

  • Its a form of murder 
  • Everyone has the right to be born
  • All life has value 
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Christian teachings on abortion

Christian views:

  • Life begins at conception, therefore abortion is muder and murder is sin
  • 'Sanctity of life' means every human has the right to life 
  • In some circumstances  it may be the most loving thing, Jesus' teching situation ethics
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Muslim teaching on abortion

Muslim views:

  • Some allow abortion to up to 120 days, this is when the gets its soul
  • Some say its always wrong, Qur'an condemns murder 
  • Others say it is ok if the mothers life is at risk, Shari'ah (law) says the mothers life is more important 
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Non-religious arguments on euthanasia

Arguments in favour:

  • Suicide is legal, so why not help someone who can't commit suicide without help
  • If an animal is suffering we put it down as it's the most humane thing to do 
  • It is their life they should have the choice as to whether or not they wish to end it 
  • it isn't fair for the relatives to have to watch their loved one dying painfully

Arguments against:

  • Drugs canbe used for pain control
  • Euthanaisa is just a fancy word for murder
  • Doctor's take an oath to save life, it is wrong to ask them to end  it
  • People can get better, medical science may find a cure
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Christian teachings on euthanasia

Christians are against euthanaisia:

  • Life is holy, 'Sanctity of life', only God should take life 
  • Jesus accepted his suffering and death and never tried to escape from it 
  • Ten Commandments, do not kill
  • The Bible condems suicide 
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Muslim teachings on euthanasia

Some are for euthanasia when:

  • It is in the form of swithing of a life machine, if they are 'brain dead' they believe God has already taken that person

Others don't agree with euthanasia:

  • Seen as suicide, which is condemned in the Qur'an 
  • Only God can decide when we die
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Christian attitudes to divorce

Christian beliefs:

  • Jesus allows divorce as he recognises that some situations are severe enough for divorce
  • Lesser of two evils

Roman Catholic Church:

  • Jesus siad it is wrong 
  • The couple can live apart if the marriage has broken down but remain together as a couple 
  • In few cases an annulment is permitted 
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Muslim attitudes to divorce

Allow divorce:

  • Qur'an and Shari'ah law allows divorce
  • Lesser of two evils 

Against divorce:

  • Muhammed- 'the most hated of lawful things' 
  • Lots of family pressure due to marriages being arranged
  • Will be judged on how they treated their children, divorce harms children 
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Christian teachings on family life

Christians techings:

  • Family was created by God as the best environment in which a couple can live and raise children 
  • The Old Testement refers to the importance of family
  • The Gospels show Jesus was a member of a family, cared for his mother and father 
  • Having children is one of the purposes of Christian marriage 
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Muslim teaching on family life

Muslim teachings:

  • Muhammad had a family and Muslims should follow his example 
  • Family is where children learn right from wrong 
  • Children are seen as a gift from God 
  • Qur'an states that the family is created by God 
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