Christian View on Sex and Contraception


Christian and Islamic views on contraception

The Chruch of England believes that contraception is justified as the family may not be financially ready to support a child yet want to connect with each other through sex. they say it is an act of love and they want to perform that yet don't want children.

However, Roman Catholics believe that contraception is wrong as the first thing God said to Adam was "Go and have children" this means that contraception is blocking God's plan, therefore, it is looked down upon. They also believe sex is about uniting the couple and having children so, therefore, think it's wrong. 

Muslims accept the use of contraception within marriage and believe only in some circumstances is justified but it is mostly looked down upon in the Islamic community. Yet most can agree with it as According to the hadith, Prophet Muhammed accepted contraception for the reasons of financial hardship.

although, some Muslims believe it is wrong and goes against Allah's plan and also believes the followers of Islam who use contraception show a lack of faith in Allah.  

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