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God is, omnipresent (everywhere), omniscient, omnipotent.

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same sex marriage

in christianity, different priests have different views on same sex marriages, however there is no authorised ceremony in england that the united church of christ endorses.

in jeudaism some rabis support same sex marriage. they support the full inclusion of gay men and lesbians in all aspects of jewish life

muslims do not support same ses marriages as they teach that homosexuality is wrong and forbidden

quakers have been supporting same sex marriage for almost two decades, in 1987 british quakers agreed that local groups could celebrate same sex marigages.

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sex and contraception

in christianity it is taught that sex is best when enjoyed inside a hetrosexual marriage, they believe that it is is a gift from god and that it can produce children and bring people together.

many traditionalists, including the pope, teach that contraception is against the will of god as it is not using his gift of sex to produce children. however many christians think that if a couple cannot support a family and want to have sex then they should be allowed to use contraception.

some christians will only have sex when a woman is most likely to get pregnant. this way they can not have to use contraception and are less likely to have to support a child.

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