RE - Marriage and the family

Christian and muslim views on sex, marriage, divorce and family life in the UK

Christian attitudes to sex before marrige

Christian beliefs

  • Sex should only take place in marriage
  • Adultery is wrong, it is stated in the 10 commandments

Exam Question: Why shouldn't you have sex before marriage?

  • A child should be brought up in a secure environment with a mum and dad.
  • If you are promiscuit (sleep around) there is a risk of unwanted pregnancies and STD's.
  • 10 commandments states adultery is wrong
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Muslim attitudes to sex before marriage

Muslim views AGAINSTsex outside marriage

  • Forbidden by the Qur'an which muslims believe is the word of God.
  • Shari'ah says it should only take place in marriage
  • Adultery is condemned by God in the Qur'an and you should be punished for it
  • Sex is for the procreation of children who should be raised in a family where the parents are married

Muslim view FOR sex outside marriage

  • Contraception means a couple can have sex without risk of pregnancy
  • Sex before marriage is now accepted by society
  • Sex is a result of two people being in love
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Christian attitudes to divorce

Christians AGAINST divorce and re-marriage

  • Last line of wedding vows is a promise in front of God to stay together until you die.
  • Jesus said any man or woman who divorces and re-marries someone else is committing adultery. Christians believe in God and therefore obey what he says
  • Catholics believe marriage is a holy relationship with God, a sacrament


Christians FOR divorce and re-marriage

  • Marriages break down
  • Although the Church of England believe marriage is lifelong committment, they do accept that divorce is sometimes the best option
  • Christians believe a loving God is happy to forgive a person who makes mistakes
  • Jesus accepted divorce for adultery
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Muslim attitudes to divorce

Muslims AGAINST divorce

  • Most marriages are arranged by families so there is parental pressure against divorce to aviod family conflict

Muslims FOR divorce

  • Qur'an says if the marriage cannot work then divorce is okay
  • Shari'ah (a type of muslim law) also accepts divorce
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Christian attitudes to homosexuality

Roman catholics

  • Being a homosexual is not a sin BUT homosexual sexual relationships are a sin
  • They ask homosexuals to live without sexual activity

Evangelical protestant

  • Homosexuality is a sin and there should be no homosexual christians
  • They try and use the power of the holy spirit to change peoples sexual preferences

Liberal protestant

  • Lifelong homosexual relationships are acceptable
  • Homosexuals are welcomed into the church
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Muslim attitudes to homosexuality

Muslim attitudes to homosexuality

  • Condemned by the Qur'an which is the word of God and all muslims should obey this
  • The prophet Muhammed condemned homosexuality and he is seen as the perfect muslim and therefore muslims should follow his teachings
  • The primary aim of sex is to having children which homosexual sex cannot do
  • Family life is at the heart of islam, but homosexuality denies the posibility of family life
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Christian attitudes on contraception

Christians AGAINST contraception

  • Sex is a part of marriage and should only be done for the procreation of children
  • Many popes condem it unless they are natural methods

Christians FOR contraception

  • Catholic church accepts parents want to limit size of families.
  • Most non-catholics believe contraception is allowed only to limit the size of the family NOT to prevent having any children
  • Church of England believes sex is an important way for a husband and wife to express their love for each other
  • Nothing in bible that condems contraception
  • Contraception prevents STD's 
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Muslim views on contraception

Muslims AGAINST contraception

  • Muslims believe it is their duty to have large families
  • Qur'an says you should not kill your children which means a ban on contraception
  • Allah created sex for the procreation of children
  • Against abortion and therefore against contraception

Muslims FOR contraception

  • Prevents harm to the mother and controls family size
  • If pregnancy is likely to result in mother's death then contraception is allowed because otherwise it is like suicide which is banned in the Qur'an
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