Christians ond contrception

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  • Christians and Contraception
    • Roman Catholic views
      • The three main reasons are...
        • Contraception encourages people to have casual sex. This is against God's law about only having sex within marriage
        • Contraception interferes with God's plan
        • God has given the gift of sex for the purpose of creating life, so all acts of sex should allow this
          • The Catholic Church teaches that each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of life
      • Sex is the body's language
        • Sex is one way married couples communicate their love for one another
      • There are no references about the use of artificial contraception in the Bible
      • The only acceptable method of contraception is the rhythm method
      • Condoms can be used in a married couple if one has HIV/AIDS
    • Church of England views
      • Christianity is about love and justice and contraception improves the woman's health
      • All forms of contraception are acceptable as long as both partners agree on their use
      • Ensures children are wanted and planned
        • Better quality of living, health and education if children are planned
      • Sex is for creating life but also to express the love of two people
        • Strengthen the relationship without the threat of pregnancy
      • There is nothing in the Bible to disallow the use of contraception


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