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The Berlin crisis
1961…read more

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East Germany
East Germany was a typical Soviet satellite.
It was strictly communist-
There was strict censorship of the media
No democratic freedoms
The economy had state controlled industries
and collectivism of farming.
Housing was of poor quality and wages were
low.…read more

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West Germany
West Germany developed as a thriving
They recovered quickly from the war.
Standards of living improved as did
wages. There was expansion in
industry, consumer goods and housing.
West Germany gained a reputation for
quality products e.g.BMW.…read more

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Movement to the West
Eastern Germans looked west and
wondered why they should stay.
Conditions and living standards were
much higher.…read more

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Movement West
In Berlin the border was open and crossing
was relatively easy.
Most East Berliners had jobs in West Berlin.
Between 1950 and 1961 3 million East
Germans had moved west.
Many of the people leaving were younger,
skilled workers which Eastern Germany could
not afford to lose.
Kennedy feared the Russians might invade
West Berlin. This would be an attack against a
NATO member.…read more

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The Berlin Wall 1961
Eastern Germany acted without warning to
close the frontier in Berlin.
In the early hours of the morning, soldiers and
police sealed the border with barbed wire this
was soon replaced by concrete.
On August 17th a substantial wall was built,
reinforced by a guard tower.
The wall cut the city in two. Any person
crossing from Eastern Germany risked being
shot.…read more

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