Catering establishments and services

Commercial and Non Commerical


  • sell food and drink to make a profit
  • eg. resturant and take away

Non Commerical 

  • sell food and drink not to make a profit
  • eg. prison and hospital canteen
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Residential and Non Residential


  • provide accomidation for customers as well as serving food and drink
  • eg. bed and breakfast or hotel

Non Residential 

  • doesnot provide accommodation for customers as well as serving food and drink
  • eg. a resturant, a cafe or a staff canteen
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Contract Catering

  • provide food and drink where it is not usually provided
  • often hired for privare events eg. weddings or birthdays
  • food provided depended on the event
  • eg. fish and chips for a bingo night at a village hall
  • used at public events such as a burger van at a music festival
  • food is cooked before hand or at venue


they :

  • organise the menu and food
  • serve and greet guests
  • clear up everything afterr

Customers can enjoy the event and not worry

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Cafeteria Service

Customers are served ready made food at the counter


  • dont need many staff or skilled staff
  • can serve a lot of customers quickly


  • food has to be kept hot
  • customers have to queue
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Fast Food Service

In fast food outlet, food is being cooked all the time

Customers order and are given their food straight away


  • dont need skilled staff
  • can serve a lot of customers quickly
  • easy for customers to get while out and about


  • need exspensive specalist equipment eg. fryers
  • expensive to rent high street stores
  • limited menu options
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Self Service

Customers serve food to themselves


  • dont need a,ot of staff
  • dont have to queue for food
  • customers can take as much as they want


  • hard to know how much food to provide for customers
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Take Away

Order food at the counter and wait for it to be cooked

Customers take thier food away to eat something else


  • dont need space for customers to sit
  • dont need staff to serve customers 


  • need expensive specalist equipment
  • may need to employ staff to deliever food
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Waited Service

Waited service - when waitor and waitresses take customers orders and give them their food

Used in places such as resturants, cafes and hotels or a large functions


  • can serve lots of people quickly
  • provides a personal service
  • customers have a wide choice of food


  • expensive to employ waiimg staff
  • specialised equipment needed for serving such as trolleys
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Gueridon Service

In gueridon service a chef finishes cooking or carving at the customers table

Entertains customers because they can watch the chef show off thier skills

A chef might flambe a dish such as creoes suzette


  • A good way to impress customers


  • need a chef who can preform for customers
  • need specalised equipment such as flambe trolleys
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Plate Service

Presentation of meal done by chef

Plate brought out to the customers by a waitor


  • easy to control the size of each portion 
  • presentation of each dish will be similar


  • presenting the food uses chefs time
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Buffet Service

Each customer pays a fixed price and takes their food from a buffet table

Waiters can be employed to serve drinks and refills dishes


  • dont need alot of staff
  • food can be both hot and cold
  • customers have a wide range of food


  • need lots of space to set out food
  • hard to work out portion sizes
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