Hospitality Industry Secotrs

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  • Sectors
    • Accommodation
      • provide accommodation, shelter, food and drink, sometimes entertainment
      • Examples: holiday parks, hotels and resorts
    • Food and Beverages
      • Prepares and serves food and drink
      • Examples: fast-food outlets, cafes, restaurants, public houses, contract caterers.
    • Meetings and Events
      • Some establishments hold meetings and events. They may also provide food and drink and sometimes accommodation.
      • Examples: Confernce Facilities - hotels
    • Entertainment and Leisure
      • Leisure facilities often provide food and drink as well.
      • Examples: Golf Clubs, Racetracks, Cinemas and Bowling
    • Travel and Tourism Services
      • There is a strong link between the two industries.
      • Examples: food and drink is needed when travelling. Eg. Plane food.


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