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Cafeteria System

Has a menu at the entrance of the food area. Customers 'flow', queue, past the food and select items they want- With the hot food iteams usally being served by staff, dinner ladies behind the counter. Payment occurs once the food has been collected, but before the customer eats. The cutlery and condiments (salt etc) is kept after the tills often to ease the flow, though some establishments have it at the entrance

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Free flow system

Free flow system is like the cafertia system though people go to different food stations rather than waiting in one queue.

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Multi-point system

Multi-point system is like the free-flow system, but has seperate trays, tills, cutlery and condiment areas- separate food stations

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Fast-food system

Fast-food systems is where the customer orders and collects from service points/tills along the main counter. The front staff receive the order, payment and assembles the food on the tray. Often the food is shown in photographs above the counter. Fast food outlets are expensive to set up due to the cost of fryers, griddles etc. They rely on high turn over ( loads of customers)

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Vended service

Vended service is available within large buildings, like hospitals. The vending machines are available 24/7. Many are coin operated, though staff may have free access with a card. While the food is packaged meaning it is hygienic, vending machines do require frequent maintenance and restocking.

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Seated counter

Seated counter servuce usually on stools behind the bar. It is typically for lone eaters, for example airports or railways.

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Buffet service

Buffet service is where customers help themselves to the food after paying a set fee for entrance. Often the most expensive food is still served by a member of staff behind the counter, for example meats.

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Carvery service

Carvery serivce is where customers collect their main courses from the carvery table, where a chef often serves the heat joints. Customers then help themselves to vegetables and other accompaniments

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Table service

Table serivce is more expensive than counter serivce as hired staff serve the tables

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Transported meal systems

Transported meal systems, like those seen as aeroplanes, are prepared off the plane: plated, covered and blast chilled before them being put on the plane. They are covered with dry ice pellets to keep the food fresh. Before the serivce the meals are reheated. There is only a limited choice, though they do cater for special diets and there is often little waste

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Guieridon system

The guieridon system is used with a la carte menus. The food is finished at the table placed next to the customer, for example the spirit lamb dishes use to finish cooking meats. Highly skilled staff are required for this 'showmanship'

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