Care planning- Unit 7 Meeting Individual Needs

Care planning and the stages of care planning for EDEXCEL Health & Social Care Meeting Individual Needs.


Care Planning

Practitioners involved in the direct provision of care within the health and social care sectors have to plan and deliver care that meets the needs of their clients.

There is a similar approach to their work, as they all have to assess their clients needs, and develop an individualised plan of treatment, support, and therapy for their clients.

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  •  Care practitioners are trained to follow and use a care planning cycle as a way of developing and delivering an appropriate, individualised care plan for each person they work with.

Good care planning is essential to the provision of high quality individualised care.

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The Care Planning Cycle

The stages of care planning is as follows (in order).

  • Assessing need
  • Care planning
  • Implemention/intervention
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation/Rreview

 Assessment: assessment of need is the corner stone of care planning- as it allows for effective care planning and delivery.  Assessment should be carried out so that the service user and their carer can 1 gain a better understanding of their situation.

2identify the options that are available for managing their own lives.3

Set the aims and goals that should be achieved through out the care plan. 4 understand the basis on which decisions are reached.

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