Calming of cold war 1972-75

Salt 1 1972

  • Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
  • USA + USSR agreed that there would be no more production of strategic ballistic missiles (SBM)
  • ABM (Anti Ballistic missile) treaty was agreed. Only allowed to create 2 each.
  • Imposed limits on the nuclear capabilities of Russia+ USA
  • First agreement between super powers which limited weapons ( showed they could agree)
  • Agree that submarines carrying nuclear weapons would only be introduced when existing stocks of Intercontinental ballistic missile became obsolete
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Salt 2

  • Salt 1 only temporary
  • Negotiations began 1972

Negotiations were difficult because:

  • West German government was worried that further arms reductions would leave their territory undefended
  • Right-wing American congressmen thought that detente had gone too far and were reluctant to agree to further comprises withthe soviet union
  • Both sides agreed to reduce their stocks of nuclear warheads to 2250
  • Signed in June 1979
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The Helsinki agreements 1975

  • Representatives from 35 countries attended the conference
  • Discussed agreement that took 2 years to draft
  • Three main issues: Security, Human rights + co-operation
  • Stabalised situation in Europe by agreeing greater co-operation between the superpowers andtheir European allies in terms of trade and fighting international terrorism
  • Limited possibility of super power conflict (stable relationship)
  • Countries agreed to co-operate on many different levels
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The Apollo-Soyvs mission 1975

  • Joint space mission (American apollo + Russian Soyvs)
  • marked the begining of superpower co-operation in space
  • 1960s had been dominated by an extremely competitive race to the moon
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