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The Grand Formed in 1941
Alliance Made from Britain, USA and USSR
Tehran Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt
Conference Agreements:
1943 Britain and USA open a second front to split German defences and relieve pressure from USSR
USSR declare war on Japan once Germany were defeated
Poland to be given land…

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Ended USA tradition of `isolationism' from international affairs
Divided the world according to ideology between capitalists and communists
Ended the Grand Alliance and started the Cold War
Launched the new American policy of `containment' of communism
The Marshall Financial package that supported the Truman Doctrine
Plan $13bn of US money…

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Consequences Nagy arrested and then executed in USSR. New communist leader of Hungary appointed by the USSR.
USSR a clear signal to other satellite states that the USSR will not allow reforms and states to leave the
Warsaw Pact
International reaction
Despite promises of support the USA do nothing to…

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Castro wanted the USSR to station nuclear missiles in Cuba. He believed it would stop the USA
from invading. It would also allow the USSR to accurately strike key US cities which it hadn't
been able to before

Events Hawks vs Doves
Throughout the crisis advisors from both sides were…

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Political parties allowed
More power to the people
Introduction of capitalism into the economy

Consequences USSR Brezhnev not happy.
Tries to get Dubcek to stop reforms but fails
USSR invades CZ to stop it undermining communism

Establishment of the Brezhnev Doctrine USSR has right to invade any Eastern European country…

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Events Carter Doctrine 1980
SALT 2 negotiations fail ­ Treaty not signed by US congress
1980 Moscow Olympics boycott by USA
1984 LA Olympics boycotted by USSR and Eastern Bloc

Consequences Increasing Hostility and tensions between the USA and USSR.
Possibility of conflict ­ Start of the Second Cold War…

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Pressure on the USSR itself and encouraged Soviet Republics to demand greater independence
from the USSR
This ultimately led to the breakup of the USSR and the end of the Cold War


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