Buddhism Pilgrimages


Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is a very important place for Buddhists to visit on a pilgrimage. Buddhists believe that Siddhartha Gautama, their founder, achieved enlightenment here.

The Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya is one of the most important Buddhist temples.

Buddhists believe that the Bodhi Tree, near the Mahabodhi Temple, is a descendant of the tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment.

Bodh Gaya links Buddhists with their founder. They think that it is important because the Buddha chose to become enlightened here and they feel as if they are in his presence. It also gives Buddhists an opportunity to congregate with Buddhists from all over the world and remember the foundation of their religion.

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Deer park at Sarnath

Buddhist pilgrims visit the Deer Park at Sarnath to remember the place where the Buddha started teaching.  There is little left of this ancient site but there are still a few important places to see.

The Mulagandakuti Vihara temple is believed to mark the place where the Buddha spent his first rainy season as a monk.

Buddhists believe Sarnath is the place where Buddhism as we know it today started. Also, the Buddha gained his first followers here.

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Borobodur and Kandy

Buddhists believe that it is the pilgrimage itself that is important. If a journey is long and difficult, then pilgrims can prove their loyalty and devotion to their religion.

Both Borobodur and Kandy are important places of pilgrimage even though they are not directly associated with the Buddha’s life.

Borobodur is a huge and beautiful site originally constructed to honour the Buddha. The Temple of the Tooth at Kandy reflects that even though the Buddha is not worshipped as a god, relics associated with him still hold huge importance to Buddhists today.

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