Religion, Sport and Lesure

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Religion, Sport and Leisure

Key Words:

·         Stress - the mental or physical distress caused by pressure or difficult circumstances

·         Relaxation - the act of relaxing the body and/ or the mind in order to become less stressed

·         Stress Relief - the reduction or removal or mental or physical stress

·         Healthy Living - living a life which is good for the body, both physically and mentally

·         Pilgrimage - a physical journey to a special place. It can also be a person’s inner spiritual journey.

·         Inspiration - the simulation of the mind that leads a person to do something creative

·         Gambling - playing games of chance for money

·         Binge Drinking - consuming an excessive amount of alcohol in a short amount of time

·         Casino - a place where people play games of chance, such as roulette, blackjack and poker

·         Sabbath - a day of rest and worship

·         Fair competition - where the contestants have a more-or-less equal chance or winning

·         Performance-Enhancing Drugs - substances used by those involved in sport to improve their performance. This practice is illegal and is a form of cheating

·         Memorabilia - a collection of memorable things linked to a particular person or sport

·         Chaplain - a priest, pastor, or rabbi, imam or other member of the clergy who advises on moral, ethical and spiritual matters

·         Superstar - a widely acclaimed celebrity, such as a film star or


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