Religious Expression

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Expressing Faith Through What Is Worn

  • Part of a person's IDENTITY


  • Salvation Army Uniform - All members are equal. It is a witness to faith. Symbols: sword - salvation war, cross of Jesus, ** - saved to serve.
  • Cross - reminder that God is always with you


  • Monks's Robes - shows you are a member of the sangha (Buddhist community.) The Buddha wore robes - following his example. They are simple - shows detachment from physical world. Three robes represent wisdom, concentration and moral discipline. Shaved head - not attached to looks.


  • Turban - it is a religious duty to wear it.
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Symbols in Places of Worship


  • Cross/Crucifix - focus devotion on it, reminder or incarnation and ressurection
  • Altar - symbol of God meeting his people
  • Lectern - in shape of Eagle - spreading 'good news'
  • Pulpit - preaching, raised to show importance of message
  • Candles - prayers
  • Font - baptism symbolises entry into Gods family.


  • Rupas (statues) of Buddha - will not turn back on them to show respect to the Buddha who was enlightened
  • Offerings - Give things you like to Rupa
  • Prayer Wheels - contain prayers
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Why Worship in Special Buildings?


  • Community - religious community comes together and supports one another
  • Tradition
  • Duty
  • Atmosphere is conducive to worship - cross, open spaces (show greatness of God)
  • Peaceful
  • It is a comforting place - can light candles as prayers


  • Sacrimentalism - If God is in everything, you can surely worship him anywhere
  • Natural World - God's creation, surely this is a better place to worship
  • Is God within
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How Can Art Express Faith?

Painting an icon is an act of worship. Art reminds you of God.

  • Rublev's Trinity - place for the viewer, Unity as all three have similar faces, God the Father wears gold - wisdom, Holy Spirit wears green - life giving and Son wears red of earth/blood/humanity
  • Rembrandt's The Prodigal Son - shows reconciliation. God has a male and female hand - shows he is neither male nor female but more/ part of both


  • Shera Palden Beru's The Wheel of Life - Expresses belief in samsara, Buddha in circle of nirvana, shows 6 realms and three route evils - snake (hatred), cockerel (ignorance) and hog (greed)
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Is Pilgrimage Out of Date?

Many religious believers still go on pilgrimage. Some believe that it is a religious duty - the Hajj for Muslims is one of the Five Pillar's of Islam. Furthermore, many religious believers would say that going to a site of great religious signifigance helps them to develop spiritually and helps them to understand their religion better. Pilgrims are following in the footsetps of their ancestors and early believers; they are partaking in an important religious tradition which helps them to affirm their religious identity.

However, many sites of pilgrimage are old and some would say that this makes pilgrimage outdated - Jesus was born at the site of the Church of the Nativity 2000 years ago. Isn't it better to use the money spent on going on pilgrimage to use following religious teachings, for example by following 'Love thy Neighbour' and the 'Parable of the Sheep and Goats' and giving to charity?

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