Britain in the First World War

Battle of Jutland and U-boat campaign

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Battle of Jutland

The Battle if Jutland

  • Only major sea battle and it was in 1916.
  • Both sides (Germany and Britain) claimed victory.
  • Germany had sank 14 British ships and lost 11 themselves.
  • Even though Germany did cause most damage, they didn't achieve their goal which was to remove the blockade.

The British blockade

  • This was a key factor in the defeat of Germany.
  • It made the German army weaker and the people lose some support for the war.
  • 1914-18, 300,000 deaths related to malnutrition.
  • The government was forced to kill third of pigs, because they couldn't feed them.
  • Cut off nitrates, no explosives for army and fertillisers for farmers.
  • 1916, adult meat ration for one week was the same as two burgers.
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The U-boat campaign

  • Germany was using U-boats
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