What were the tensions at potsdam????????????????

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number 1

Britain and the USA denied stalin a naval base in the meditteranian

  • they saw no need for stalin to have this base
  • stalin saw this as evidence that his allies mistrusted him
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number 2

stalin wanted to take more reaparations from Germany than UK and USA thought was neccessary

  • the USA and Britain did not wish to cripple germany, seen the results of repartations after the first world war
  • stalin was suspicious about why his allies seemed to want to protext germany and even help it recover
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number 3

stalin had set up a communist government in Lublin - back then the capital of poland. Britain had preferred the non-communist version which had lived in exile in britain thorughout the war.

truman and atlee were very suspicious of Stalins motives in setting up a communist government

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